The Remote Work Innovation Paradox

remote workers

A Study by Oxford and Pittsburgh Universities In a groundbreaking study, researchers from the University of Oxford and the University of Pittsburgh have uncovered a striking paradox in remote work’s impact on innovation. The study,…

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What Is A Work/Life Balance?

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Overwork leads to stress. Stress leads to burnout. Burnout costs American workplaces nearly $1 billion a year in lost time and productivity. Work/life balance is one of the tools used to combat overwork but while…

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What Do People Say About Us?

Of course, you shouldn’t just take our word for it. We think that it’s better to hear about our strengths from those we serve.  Here are some recent comments from remote workers.

Rebecca Ortiz
Deena Schwartz

I have been thinking about remote working for a long-time. Then Covid arrived and it was no longer an option but an essential to get home and get started. I talked to the team at Modern Worker and they showed me how to make an easy transition from the office to the study and now? I love it. When the pandemic is over, I won’t be leaving home to work.

Michael Berillo
Geoffrey Gordon

I wanted to travel and work but I wasn’t sure that I could do it. But after looking at how easy it was to move to Thailand and give it a go? I decided to take Modern Worker’s advice and pack my bags. After all, I could always come “home” if things went wrong. But they didn’t and my routine now involves coding poolside between dips. How awesome is that?

Jennifer Gordon
Jerry Bloom

I was so happy with the advice that I got from Nicholas at the Modern Worker team that I wrote to him on LinkedIn to thank him for it! My concern was that at the age of 50, I was too old to get started remote working. Nicholas put me straight and showed how my age and experience were an advantage, not a drawback. I have my flight booked and I am ready to go now!


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