A Guide To Remote Jobs for Nurses

Remote Jobs for Nurses

While it’s not, yet, possible for a registered nurse to carry out nursing jobs from home, it’s perfectly possible to land remote nursing jobs that are carried out in a non-healthcare setting.

That doesn’t mean that these remote nursing roles don’t involve any form of patient care, they often do, and you may need to master videoconferencing, remote healthcare monitoring, mobile health app management, and electronic medical records’ data collection to excel when working remotely.

So, let’s take a look at some awesome nursing jobs that you can do remotely.

Great Remote Nursing Jobs

While there are a great many remote jobs that nurses can do each of these remote nursing or work from home nursing positions requires medical professionals who have attained a nursing degree.

That means you will be rewarded for your experience of nursing practice and they may only hire registered nurses.

Case Management

In this work from home nursing role, nurses are highly sought after. You will work for an insurance company helping to assess long and short-term disability claims.

You need to liaise with the patient, their employer, the insurers, and their physician. Your objective in this form of remote work is to ensure that the patient outcomes are affordable and that a return-to-work goal is established for the patient.

This work is done nearly entirely via the phone or by e-mail.

Telephone Triage Remote Nurse

Medical facilities may opt to run their triage process by phone. They use nurse practitioners to converse with the patients to assess their symptoms and then prioritize the right course of action before they arrive at the facility.

You’ll be making use of your bachelor’s degree as you are given free rein to answer a patient’s healthcare queries and help reduce the workload of the facility you are conducting triage for.

Call Center Nurse

At first glance, the use of nurses in call centers is similar to working in triage but the demands on healthcare professionals in call centers tend to be less than that of nurses in triage situations.

That means it’s easier to land this kind of role if you don’t have a lot of experience in the healthcare industry. However, it’s worth noting that this is more of an admin job than it is a nursing one and that means you won’t normally be directly responsible for patient care in this remote work job.

Nurse Educators

Covid-19 drove an awful lot of healthcare online and in particular, education became a hotbed of remote work.

Classes are held remotely and there’s been a big uptick in demand for trained nurses. So, if you think you’re cut out to teach other healthcare professionals then this might be the perfect job for you.

Nursing Recruitment

A nurse recruiter is responsible for ensuring that a unit is properly staffed in a hospital.

This job is best done by someone with nursing experience because nurse recruiters need to know the ins and outs of a nurse’s work.

You act as a sort of midpoint between the hospital and the prospective candidate – assessing skills, conducting interviews, and attending job fairs and other events to attract candidates.

Insurance Claims (Healthcare Services)

Remote working for insurance companies is a fairly natural transition for a nurse seeking remote work from home.

You will work on healthcare plans and the job opportunities mean applying analytical skills to each patient’s case and making informed decisions about what kind of procedures should be covered based on patient records and other data.

They may also deliver some basic remote care and assess the claim’s financial limits too. You will work in close conjunction with insurance adjusters in this role.

Healthcare Facilities Informatics

Healthcare workers can find great roles in nursing informatics. That is looking to develop the healthcare companies of tomorrow by working on the technology, systems, and communications solutions of today.

We would note that this is a very specialist role and experience in health services is a good start when looking for work in this area but a Master’s degree is nearly an essential requirement of the job too.

Freelance Writer

There are plenty of businesses that need medical writers and this can involve anything from websites to writing protocols to clinical trials or summaries of clinical research.

This kind of freelance writing tends to be paid at a much better rate than most forms of freelance writing but it often requires large amounts of research and working with other professionals to ensure that every last word is accurate and valuable on the page too.

Legal Nurse Consultant

If you want to take what you learned in nursing but build a new career in another profession entirely, then this might be the job you are looking for.

In this role, you will assist legal professionals to better understand the medical aspects of personal injury (and other healthcare-related lawsuits).

You may also be involved in lawsuits that aim to force Medicare or insurers to pay out additional benefits.

This is a really easy role to carry out over Zoom.

Clinical Research

Finally, one last great job that nurses can do when working from home or remotely is to become a clinical research nurse.

This can involve overseeing the delivery of trials, recruiting trial participants, training staff, delivering and administering tests and questionnaires, applying for grant funding, talking to or interviewing trial participants, maintaining trial records, and delivering the documentation that’s needed by the project.

This can’t always be done remotely but our research suggests that when it can – clinical research is exceptionally well paid with a salary in excess of $80,000 on average.

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