Morgan Graff

Morgan Graff

Remote: Office No Required

Remote: Office Not Required

The Industrial Revolution saw the first major shake up in work in history. No longer did the worker head to the fields but instead to the office or the factory. Now, we’re undergoing a new revolution, where the work goes…

What Is A Hybrid Job?

hybrid job

There are a lot of business terms that seem to come from out of nowhere and it can be hard to keep up with them all. One recent addition to the lexicon of work is the “hybrid job” and, in…

What Is A Work/Life Balance?

work life balance feature image

Overwork leads to stress. Stress leads to burnout. Burnout costs American workplaces nearly $1 billion a year in lost time and productivity. Work/life balance is one of the tools used to combat overwork but while this idea is not new,…