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Office Furniture Brands

Millions of us are now working from home and that means millions of us are learning that sitting at the kitchen table and in a chair designed to support us through dinner isn’t the best place to work, not for comfort and not for our health.

That means we’re all looking to invest in a better office setup at home. That doesn’t mean that everyone is going to buy a traditional desk and some office chairs but it does mean we’re going to take some time to get the right lumbar support, posture and buy home office furniture that really suits our needs.

When you spend nearly a third of your life at work, you owe it to yourself to be comfortable and to minimize any damage to your body that comes from working all day long. See: Is My Home Office Chair Killing Me?

These amazing home office furniture brands are going to make your quest for a better working environment so much easier. They certainly did for us!

Our Favorite Home Office Furniture Brands

We should note that many employers will offer you some assistance when it comes to buying home office furniture for the first time and you should talk to your manager about this before you spend your own money.

If you are self-employed, there may also be tax breaks for the office furniture that you buy, so be sure to keep the receipts and talk to your accountant about them.

And now, let’s take a look at the best brands in home office furniture!



AllModern is owned by Wayfair but it’s a rather more specialist retailer and it focuses on furnishings with a modern twist.

No classical writing desk ever came out of AllModern, but if you want a chair that excels in lumbar support or a desk built for cable management? They’ve got you covered.

The price of most items is in the mid-range and given the high quality of their business offerings, we think it’s a good place to grab everything from bookcases to filing cabinets from.



Target is a retailer that most Americans are already intimately acquainted with and can trust.

They have a nice range of home office furniture and we bought an office chair from them once that was really good quality for the price.

If you have a tight budget for your home office you can do much worse than target and they have pretty much everything available from filing cabinets, bookcases, chairs, tables, etc.

Sure, it’s not Herman Miller, but then other than Herman Miller, what is?



It’s America’s biggest online retailer so it should come as no surprise that Amazon can help you with all your office needs at home.

They have chairs, desks, filing cabinets, mid-century pieces, and much more for the home office.

Flash furniture it is not but then nobody really shops at Amazon for the interior design expertise, they do it because the price is ultra-competitive and whatever you want will be delivered to your front door in much less time than a few weeks.

The quality is fine and you spend more time sitting in a chair or your tables than you do looking at them anyway, right? It’s comfort that matters and they do just fine.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Youthful and hip, Urban Outfitters is part of the same group as the rather more staid and mature Anthropologie.

They believe in modern style and top-quality offerings that really make a space warm and welcoming.

However, it’s not the cheapest place and while we’d be happy to buy an office chair or standing desk from them, we’d probably opt for somewhere with a lower cost for things filing cabinets.

If your home office is in a fairly public room of your house then you might find that the stylish touch this brand brings to your space is worth paying for.

Their online shop is also very easy to use and navigate.

West Elm

West Elm

West Elm specializes in the mid-century modern design period and if that’s the sort of thing you like, you’re going to absolutely adore their office furniture.

You can find a solid home office desk, office chair, filing cabinet, bookcases, storage, etc. in their collections plus some nice options for decor.

The price is reasonable given the quality of the products that they sell and we’d feel comfortable recommending West Elm to just about anyone.

And if you need something to rest on after work, they also sell sofas, beds, etc. too.

One thing we’d note at this point is you don’t have to furnish an entire room or all your space from a single source even if they have a really wide selection, don’t be afraid to pick something from Brand A and then something else from Brand B, etc.



You know that Branch is set up to sort out your home office desk and ergonomic chairs because they have a work from home collection!

This is great news because it allows for the fact that we don’t want the same things in our home offices as we do in the corporate world. Office chairs should fit in with our home-style and so on.

We like the fact that they’re all about clean lines and modern finishes and you can get some modifications made to their desks if you need to, so taller folks won’t need to feel left out.

They’re not the cheapest furniture brand but they offer the best value if you’re looking for office furniture products that are built to last.

Their standing desk is one of our all-time favorite products and while we’ve explored why standing desks may not help you burn a ton of calories, we still like a standing desk for the break it gives our back compared to being stuck in a desk chair all day long.



If you love ergonomic design then you’re going to love what Fully has to offer you. Their computer desks and task chairs are award-winning and their furniture goes really well in small spaces.

It’s one of the most trusted brands when it comes to quality furniture that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Their chair mats, standing mats, and balance boards are really nice desk accessories that help you make the most out of the products that you already have.

We just wish they had lower prices, but there’s no doubt that with Fully, you get what you pay for and we’re very happy with our purchases.



Ornate is the name of the game at Anthropologie and their executive desk has more bells and whistles than a Herman Miller chair and sadly for us the price reflect this.

However, all the stylized draws could help hold your important documents and make sure you stay organized during the long hours in your chair, and, perhaps, cut down on the number of cabinets you need to buy.

We’d be worried about putting a laptop directly onto the desktop because of the value of these pieces, you might be best with a laptop stand (which is good for your posture too) if you opt to go with Anthropologie.

Three’s no doubt in our minds though that any room or space is going to get a style uplift when you put one of these pieces in it.



If you’re price-conscious and want a one-stop-shop that can help with a desk chair, task chairs, office chairs, writing desks, filing cabinets, computer desk, etc. for your home office then Wayfair is where to go.

They stock over 24,000 different types of desk alone and more than 13,000 choices of office chair!

It really doesn’t matter what your personal style is either, they;’ve got you covered, the hard part is just finding it on their website, though we love the tools they offer to help you refine your selections by color, brand, price, etc.

Wayfair is the great equalizer in the home office space.



If there’s a company that knows its business better than Walmart, we’ve not found it.

Sure, they’re not going to be high fashion but if you want solid cabinets, a decent chair, some office shelves, a seat that won’t collapse the moment you sit on it? Then Walmart can do that without charging you a fortune.

They’ve got some awesome storage solutions too and that’s an area we feel everyone should probably create saving in if they can – storage is a bit boring, right?

We know that your company accounts department will be overjoyed if you use Walmart to furnish your home office too.

Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach

If you want your Herman Miller? You’ll find it here. The home of the best task chair known to mankind and the biggest task chair prices too.

There’s every style represented from mid-century to modern and most chairs are to die for in their selection (other chair brands represented include Fritz Hansen and Knoll).

If you want chairs and desks suited to the executive suite at a Fortune 500 company with cabinets to match?

Then Deisgn within Reach is the furniture brand for you.

Just be prepared to pay for it.



Good old IKEA, budget-friendly but often very beautiful pieces. We like the wood desks and chairs to match, there’s something so homely about their offerings.

Yes, you have to put it together yourself (unless you pay someone to do it for you) but their furniture isn’t made out of twigs and it ought to last for years and years as long as you follow the assembly instructions carefully.

They also have storage and shelves galore and, in fact, pretty much any kind of furniture that you want – for the home as well as for your office. So, you can grab that love seat you always wanted at the same time as your new desk.

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel is for the discerning furniture shopper that really wants chairs and desks that are state-of-the-art.

You’ll have to wait for them to be delivered though as nearly everything they sell is made to order and that can take a few weeks.

Home office furniture is rarely this good, mind you, it’s worth the wait.



Apt2B is a great place to get mid and high-end furniture from at reasonable prices.

Sure, you’re not going to find the bargain of the year here but if you want practical furniture, that looks amazing and will last for years? That’s their bread and butter.

They even offer vegan upholstery options! Who can argue with that?

Final Thoughts On Home Office Furniture And The Best Brands

So, there you have it home office furniture brands for everyone, no matter what they need or what budget they have to spend.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on this kind of furniture unless you really want to, manufacturing costs have come down massively in the last few years and you can find desks, chairs, etc. that are built to last from all of these retailers and some at bargain basement prices!