10 Best Places To Work Remotely In The US

Once your boss gives you the OK to work remotely, you’re often free to choose where you want to live. But not all places are created equally and these are the best places to work remotely in the US, right now.

If you don’t want to stay in the US, you need to check out our list of the best places to work remotely in the world.

Glendale, Arizona

Why Glendale? Well, for a start they have over 100 coworking spaces in town!

That’s roughly one per 2,500 people. 

And if that wasn’t enough, Wi-Fi is free in all the city’s coffee shops and in its libraries!

It’s a nice city to wander about in and, of course, Phoenix is just up the road if you want “big city” life. 

glendale arizona

Madison, Wisconsin

What we like about Madison is that it’s got so much culture that you’d think you were living in a huge city rather than one of just 260,000 people. 

You can also easily jump out into the country and get a taste of rural Wisconsisn life. 

The restaurant scene is absolutely amazing in Madison, the food is out of this world and nearly everyone lives within walking distance of a park. 

madison wisconsin

Reston, Virginia

Virginia loves remote workers and Reston seems to be built with a work-from-home ethos from the very start.

It’s meant to be a place where you don’t need a car and has over 55 miles of paths and trails with access to over 70 parks!

The Internet is good too thanks to the Broadband Now initiative. 


Cincinnati, Ohio

With an average rent of under $700 and one of the fastest growing cities in the Midwest, you can’t go wrong with Cincinnati really. 

Their Wi-Fi connections are among the fastest in the nation and its central location means you can drive to roughly half of the rest of the country in under a day. 

That means those with itchy feet have plenty of options to scratch them with in Cincinnati. 


Rogers, Arkansas

If you want to avoid stress as a home worker (and if you’re feeling super stressed at the moment – please check out our wellness tips for remote workers here) then how about a small community with a low cost of living?

That’s Rogers, Arkansas. It’s super walkable, has good internet coverage, is super-friendly to children and families and it has a very low crime rate. What more do you want?


Lower Merion, Pennsylvania

Nearly 10% of people in Lower Merion work from home. That makes it the most popular work-from-home destination in America by our count.

Thanks to the colleges nearby, it has a wealth of facilities you can use (museums, concert venues, theaters, etc.) including amazing health care options. 

However, it is a touch more expensive than most other destinations. 

lower merion

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is considered to be the “Jewel of the South” by many and if you work remotely, you may well agree with that assessment.

Internet speeds are lightning fast and there are loads of coworking spaces for you to take advantage of. 700 of the city’s coffee shops will happily throw in free Wi-Fi too. 

And if you like to get out to exercise, then this is a great city to do it in. (We’ve got some good exercises to do at home if you don’t like to get out and about). 


Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines may be a small-ish city but it’s got a big heart and it’s becoming increasingly popular with remote workers.

Much of that has to do with the very reasonable costs of renting a two-bedroom home alongside the low overall cost of living.

It also has a ton of festivals throughout the year so that you’ve got plenty of cultural highlights to enjoy.

des moines iowa

Naperville, Illinois

Naperville is ideal for a remote worker with a family (see our parent’s survival guide for remote work, if that’s you).

It even has a Funtopia in town, which is a huge indoor play center.

It’s reasonably affordable and nearly 90% of the city is based within a 10-minute walk of a nice open park.

The downtown area is very welcoming too with plenty of bars, restaurants, shops, etc. 


Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you love live music, Minneapolis has one of the best music scenes in the country.

It also has something essential for remote workers too…The fastest download speeds in the country!

The only downside of living in Minneapolis is that it can get a bit chilly during the winter months, but their skyway system means you don’t have to wander around outside!


Last Words

Choosing where to work remotely can be a real challenge at first. So many choices are out there. 

But we think our best places to work remotely in the US will help get you started with the minimum of fuss.

You can always try somewhere else in a year’s time, after all.

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