Best Work From Home Jobs for People With Disabilities

Best Work From Home Jobs for People With Disabilities

If you have a disability, you might feel that you’re not really interested in job openings that require you to attend an office, because office life isn’t suited to your needs.

The good news is that there are plenty of online jobs that can be carried out as work-from-home jobs by almost anybody.

They often have competitive salaries when compared to traditional job listings too.

Here are our favorite options for people with disabilities looking for job opportunities that involve remote work.

Our Top Jobs For Disabled People That Can Be Done From Home

Go For A Freelance Online Job

Go For A Freelance Online Job

One of the most obvious work-from-home jobs is the option to go freelance in the kind of work that you’ve done before.

Programmers, graphic designers, lawyers, even doctors, and nurses, can find remote jobs that allow them to carry on their work with very competitive pay from home.

Freelancers run their own businesses and that means you have to take care of your own health benefits, retirement plan, and paid overtime and there’s no employee assistance program to rely on, but you can earn more than those in full-time employment because of this.

Many disabled persons are working online as freelancers, we even know one blind person working as a freelance writing professional!

Transcription Jobs – Easy Writing

Transcription work is less popular than it used to be, due to outsourcing overseas but job seekers can still find financial freedom by working as a transcription agent.

This job involves listening to recordings and then writing down the contents of those recordings.

This can be very formal – such as interviews or meetings, or it can be quite informal such as transcribing a blogger’s notes so that they can make a post out of them.

You can find transcription work by contacting podcasters and offering your services (P.S check out the best podcasts to listen to while working from home) or by using a transcription agency or job board such as Transcribeme or Scribie.

Work For A Blog/Write Your Own Blog

Work For A Blog/Write Your Own Blog

Another good way to top up your Social Security disability insurance payouts is to either start a blog or work for a blog.

Writing online isn’t for everyone but there are a lot of writing jobs out there and if you’ve got previous experience at this – it can be a lot of fun.

If you haven’t got experience? Don’t worry. Start your own blog or use Medium to publish a few pieces.

Then start pitching clients.

When I write, I like to listen to the best music for working from home, you might too.

Do Translation Jobs Online

One of the most flexible jobs around is translation work. There are many companies that pay for this kind of work and you may even find that a management consulting company is willing to pay substantial sums for accurate translation.

Of course, you need to be fluent in both the originating language and the destination language and it can help if you have some specialist vocabulary – such as medical terms or legal terms but if you do? Then you can make a small fortune in this line of work.

Remote positions like these tend to pay much more than minimum wage, and come with health insurance, medical benefits, paid vacation, and more.

Set Up As A Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

One particularly lucrative business that nearly anyone can manage from home is to work as a virtual assistant (if you need training – check out the best online virtual assistant training courses).

Virtual assistants work as a form of administrative or secretarial support to one or more clients.

If you have physical challenges, you can use as much assistive technology as you need to make a steady income as you support people in running their businesses.

This is a self-employed role in the same way that a freelance writer is, and that means you need to make sure you’re covering the costs of your equipment, benefits, etc.

Run Somebody’s Social Media

While tech support is always an option for working from home, we’d note that one of the better tech-related careers is running somebody’s social media accounts for them.

If you know LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. like the back of your hand you can work pretty much anywhere and get paid well.

They’re Always Hiring Customer Service Representatives

They're Always Hiring Customer Service Representatives

Don’t write off the chance to be a customer service representative either, this is a very popular job and nearly all organizations from big companies, to local government offices to some other non-profit organizations, need customer service operators.

While benefits vary to this kind of work, they may well offer remote employees medical insurance for a work-from-home job of this kind.

Job boards like We Work Remotelyare great for finding this kind of work.

Test Software Or Applications

You could even have a successful career in a job that tests software or applications from home. This involves providing some basic technical support as you install and use the things you’re testing and then run through some scripted tests and provide feedback on the software.

Contact software houses or app developers to offer your services.

Learn To Be A Voice-Over Artist/Narrator

Learn To Be A Voice-Over Artist/Narrator

Voice-over-jobs and narration work pays very well, indeed. This kind of work tends to be done on a freelance basis but that means flexible hours and the chance to make this into your perfect job.

All you need is a soundproof space and a microphone and you could earn $50+ an hour for reading work out loud.

Audible is the best place to check for narration work and Voice Bunny and The Voice Realm can be very handy for voice work in general.

Consider Tutoring

Online tutoring jobs are surprisingly common and if you have a skill that you can assist the next generation of learners with? Then you should consider tutoring online.

We would note, however, that English tutoring jobs have evaporated over the last couple of years since Mainland China banned these online tutoring services from the country – it is not a very highly competitive environment for work, but with poor pay, it’s better to tutor something other than English if you want to be happy and earn well.

Good places to find this kind of work include Skooli, Tutor Hub, and My Tutor.

Final Thoughts On Jobs For Disabled People Online

Having a disability doesn’t mean that you can’t work, in fact, there’s never been a better time to work from home and make money.

As you can see from the examples above, there are plenty of opportunities for disabled folks to earn well with just an internet connection and a laptop.