Spice Up Your Kitchen Life (or Escape the Grind!)

Modern Worker fam, it’s time to ditch the takeout menus and embrace your inner chef (or wanderlust)!

We’ve partnered with Whole Mom to offer an epic sweepstakes that’ll satisfy your culinary cravings or fuel your travel dreams.

The Grand Prize

  • Home Chef Power-Up: Upgrade your kitchen with top-notch appliances, Whole Mom gift certificates for gourmet ingredients, inspiring cookbooks, and handy gadgets to take your cooking game to the next level.
  • OR: Escape Artist Cash: Take a well-deserved break with a cool $1,000 to fund your next adventure!

Bonus prizes include additional gift certificates and kitchen must-haves.

Feeling hungry for a kitchen refresh? Or itching to explore new horizons?

Head over to the Modern Worker website (link to be provided) and enter the sweepstakes – it’s quick and easy!

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