HBR Guide to Remote Work Is Essential Reading

Oddly, the HBR Guide to Remote Work might be better titled, “the HBR Guide to Communication And Teamwork when working remotely”, though we understand that’s probably too long a title. 

But really, that’s what this book is really all about – learning to communicate and work with other people when none of you are in the same location. 

And it’s a superb resource. 

Why We Love The HBR Guide to Remote Work

Communication is a challenge in an office where we all work face-to-face, but when we’re no longer spending time around others all the time? 

HBR Guide to Remote Work

It can become a deal breaker. You need to be able to run virtual meetings so they are as productive as in person meetings. Deal with Zoom fatigue. Hold difficult conversations and more.

And that’s where this HBR Guide comes in, it’s stacked with useful tips and tools to get the job done. 

Final Thoughts

There are better all-round remote work texts than this HBR Guide but this is probably the definitive word on communication in remote teams.

Given the importance of communication in successful working relationships, everyone needs to read this book. 

They might also benefit from reading How to Declutter Your Home or Work Office To Improve Productivity, The New Corner Office or Surviving Remote Work, we’ve found them all to be really useful. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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