How Can I Make My Home Office Soundproof?

The Hearing Health Foundation says that a noisy environment can trigger a stress response in the brain that can lead to a permanent level of stress.

This, in turn, can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes. 

So, if you’re finding the noise in your home office stressful, it’s better to deal with it, than to ignore it.

10 Ways To Soundproof Your Home Office

Seal Any Holes

The first job is to go around the room and fix any holes in walls, skirting, etc. and the best material for this is fiberglass batt insulation. 

Not only does it absorb sound very well but it also prevents heat loss to the outside world in Winter. 

Find some good fiberglass insulation online here.

Switch To A Solid Door

Hollow core doors are light and cheap, but sadly, they’re also very easy for sound to pass through. 

So, if you seriously want to end the noise, it’s worth ponying up for a more expensive solid material door that will absorb rather than relay sound waves. 

Tackle The Air Vents

Air Vent

An air vent is, essentially, a huge hole in the wall. And thus, it’s one of the easiest ways for sound to enter a room. 

You don’t want to block up the vent in your room but you should consider installing a sound maze in the vent, which will reduce noise substantially. 

Install A Door Sweep

This is a super easy and cheap fix which will dramatically lower the amount of sound that can pass under the door. 

You might also consider adding “weather strips” to the sides and top of the door. 

You can shop for some great door sweeps online here.

Soundproof The Windows

The best way to soundproof windows is to have double glazing installed but we appreciate that’s quite expensive.

So, the second best way to do it is to install soundproof drapes or curtains and let them do the work. 

Install Acoustic Panelling

If sound is coming through the walls, then the best way to mute it is with acoustic panelling (or if you’re not so flush, you can use the egg box style foam panels). 

These can be found on Amazon and at other online retailers. 

Find some acoustic panelling here.

Get The Floor Sorted Out

Wood flooring creates echoes in a space and this has the effect of magnifying the noise within it.


It’s easy to deal with this. Lay down some soft rugs or carpeting. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get this done. 

Invest In Some Soft Wall Hangings

Think of these as bonus sound dampeners and they can be super cheap. 

It’s like putting a baby blanket around a crib – it’s not a perfect sonic screen but it’s pretty good and a low-effort solution. 

Consider Sound Absorbing Paint

If your walls are painted and you don’t want to cover them in panelling or wall hangings, then using sound absorbing paint could be a good option for you. 

They say these paints can reduce your in-room noise by 30%. However, be warned, they’re not the cheapest thing you can do.

Shop for some great sound absorbing paint online here.

Use Upholstered Furniture

Sound will also echo off hardwood furniture and the easiest way to tackle that is to ensure your furniture has cushions and covers. 

Upholstered Furniture

Think About A White Noise Generator

Finally, if you’ve done everything you can and it’s not making a difference, then your last option might be to determine the kind of noise you’re exposed to.

A white noise generator is cheap and it fills the space with a noise that most people find relaxing, soothing and non-intrusive and if you have kids, they’ll love this in the nursery at night.

Find a great white noise generator online here.

Final Thoughts On Making My Home Office Soundproof

Taking care of your health is important and noise that interferes with the way we work can cause stress which leads to illness.

The good news is that it’s not hard to eliminate that noise using the tips above.

We’ve also got some other useful tips for your health while working remotely. Check out our guides to avoiding burnout, how to exercise at home and our wellbeing tips. 

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