10 Most Expensive Home Office Chairs In The World

10 Most Expensive Home Office Chairs In The World

Sometimes, you just want the best and when it comes to office chairs, we don’t blame you.

Buying a great chair is good for your health and for your work.

So, take a look at the most expensive chairs ever to grace a home office.

10. Pininfarina Aresline Xten ($2,260)

There are many different types of home office chairs and this, the cheapest, of our most expensive office chairs is an excellent example of a modern ergonomic office highback chair.

This is a super comfortable work chair and the chair is made by the same people who design seats for Ferraris and Cadillacs!

One thing that we really like about this chair is the way that it’s designed to follow the body as it moves to provide constant and consistent support.

9. Aston Chair ($3,234)

This chair sometimes also known as the Arper Aston Executive Chair, interestingly, uses a single molded polyurethane shell and this consistent application of the material in the body means it’s sleeker than any steel frame or classic office chair could ever hope to be.

It’s also why it’s one of the most expensive office chairs, it takes quite a bit of engineering to turn the body of an office chair into a single piece.

It can also be fully customized at the factory before being sent out to your home.

8. The Eames Executive Chair ($3,819)

There are very few very expensive office chairs that are as timeless as this one.

It was originally designed for use in the Time-Life building in Rockefeller Center, New York City back in the 1960s.

The design was a personal favor from Eames to the company for their kind loan of images from their archive.

If you want a deep, cushioned chair as deep as your pockets, this is a great office chair to opt for.

7. Fritz Hansen Oxford Premium Chairs ($3,950)

This gorgeous swivel chair makes the list of the most expensive office chairs with ease and it was designed for Professors at Oxford University in the UK.

The color palette can be customized but most people opt for the classic styling.

Part of the reason for the price tag is that this was designed by Arne Jacobsen one of the true industry greats.

6. Vitra Skape Lowback Chair ($6,130)

It came as a bit of a surprise to us but this office chair doesn’t have adjustable armrests!

Instead, it goes with a wraparound design reminiscent of the wingback chairs of yore.

It is one of the more eco-friendly models on the list and you can recycle 80% of this chair and roughly 40% of the materials used in its manufacture are recycled too.

Vitra also make a Vitra Grand Executive Highback which could have made our list too.

5. Arne Jacobson Egg Chair ($7,891)

By the way, if everything on this list is a bit of your budget (and they are certainly all out of our budgetary range too) then you might want to check out these more affordable sustainable home office chairs which are just as comfortable and stylish (we think) but without the incredible price tag.

The Egg Chair is a major style icon among office chairs. It was originally designed for The Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in Denmark.

The curves of this office chair are meant to mimic the curves of the human body.

4. Wegner Swivel Chair ($13,200)

The Wegner Swivel Chair is an absolute classic – utterly minimalist and best paired with a standing desk or drafting desk than the classic CEO’s desk.

It uses an interesting blend of materials including chrome pipe, leather upholstery (or wool-blend if you prefer), and wood.

It can be customized in many ways to deliver a unique seating experience perfectly tailored to you.

3. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Chair ($45,000)

As you might expect this makes a list of the world’s most expensive office chairs not because it’s a great chair but because it once had a great writer’s posterior on it.

The chair was decorated by JK Rowling herself (learn more on YouTube here) and the price quoted here is the price it fetched at auction in 2002.

If it were to be sold today, it would sell for much more money – in fact, it might even be the world’s most expensive office chair.

2. Kennedy Cabinet Chairs ($146,500)

Another set of expensive office chairs, that cost a fortune because of who sat in them is this pair of Kennedy Cabinet chairs.

Following the assassination of President Kennedy, his widow gave these chairs to Secretary Robert McNamara, the only gift of its kind that she made.

They were made in 1963 and look to be comfortable and enduring.

1. Xten Office Chair by Pininfarina ($1.5 million)

Even if you’ve read our guide on who pays for your home office chair, we recommend that you ask your boss nicely before ordering this incredibly expensive office chair.

This is the most advanced chair in the world and it tops our 10 most expensive office chairs list, easily.

It has numerous high-tech features to deliver the most comfortable office chair in history and it uses Technogel, the fabric used by Olympic athletes to mold perfectly to the body.

However, it’s still $1.5 million and unless you have a very generous boss, indeed, you probably want to order something a little lower on this list of the 10 most expensive office chairs of all time.


It’s impossible to overstress the importance of a great office chair for use in your home office.

However, we would note that you don’t need an Eames Executive chair or a Herman Miller model to sit comfortably for long periods of time.

The chairs on this list are chairs that many of us aspire to but if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford one? Then, we salute you. There’s all amazing chairs.