10 Online Jobs for College Students with No Experience Required

Looking for an online job for college students to earn some cash?

Got no experience?

No problem.

And no you don’t need to become a data entry clerk (because data entry is really boring). There are plenty of ways for a college student to make money in an online job without doing anything dull.

Here are our top ten picks for you to make money online in jobs for students (and no, they’re not a scam).

The Best Online Jobs For College Students (That Have No Experience)


We’ve got a great piece on where to find transcription work as a beginner that you ought to read if this work appeals to you.

A transcriptionist is someone who listens to conversations and then transcribes those conversations in writing.

It’s a job that pays per hour, though it may have an hourly rate or be paid per hour of audio that you transcribe.

It’s easy to get started in this online field and you don’t need the skills of a freelance writer to do it. In fact, it’s about as far from freelance writing as you can get.

Survey Taking

OK, there aren’t any remote jobs that are entitled “survey taker” but if you Google for paid surveys online, you will find tons of potential opportunities for this.

It’s not the best-paid work on Earth, but it is easy and you can fit it in any day where you get a few minutes to spare. It has completely flexible hours and doing online surveys generally means getting a fixed amount of money for each survey you complete.

That’s pretty easy. You may also find “search engine evaluator” positions which are very similar to taking surveys.

Course Creation

One of the more interesting job opportunities for a student is the ability to start making money creating online courses for an employer. This pays much better than completing an online survey but it’s harder work too.

You can work from home and generate education content for high-school-age kids and below, all you need is solid communication skills and a willingness to put in the work.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who basically acts as an administrative staff member online. You can easily learn to be a VA online and then gain experience in a part-time position.

Not only can you earn good money doing this as a student, it can also help when it comes to applying to companies for full-time work when you finish your degree. Virtual assistants are always in demand.

English Teaching

This side hustle isn’t as easy as it used to be to get into. It was one of the top home jobs for students until China put a ban on remote English teaching. There are other online tutoring roles that don’t aim at English teaching, if you have some other skills, you might look at being an online tutor in those areas, instead.

There are still opportunities to earn your pay teaching kids English in other countries, but there’s a lot of competition for jobs working for remote companies in this field now. You don’t need experience but you need an amazingly good attitude and some talent for teaching.


If you want to be in charge of your own pay, then you can go into business for yourself. This could be anything from starting a blog (many would-be freelance writers start a blog) to building a website for money.

Becoming an entrepreneur is harder than the other choices on this list but many companies that are now huge were started by entrepreneurial college students. (Such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, for example).

Graphic Designer

We’ve got a complete guide to landing a graphic designer position without experience, I recommend you read it if this is the kind of entry-level work that you want to seek out.

There are so many opportunities for graphic designers and many of them can easily be carried out as a freelancer, where you set your own hours, and nobody cares about your experience, just your portfolio.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers look after the social media presence for companies and it’s like a combination of graphic design and writing jobs but not as in-depth as either of those roles.

It’s a great way to earn extra cash if you’re savvy and enjoy working with people.

Website Designer

This is a much easier job than it was 20 years ago, and if you can master how to install a WordPress theme and do a little CSS, you can start in website design. Clients can pay a fortune for this.

Video Production

You may also want to consider video production work which is definitely the future of the video and photography industry.

This can be done for social media or for commercial work and the rates of pay can be huge if you’re good. All you need is some example work, no experience needed, to land a job.

Final Thoughts

Studying for a bachelor’s degree is expensive and working an online job can make a huge difference to your time in college.

With all of the jobs above you can get paid (and fairly decently) working online without needing any experience.

All you need is an internet connection, some attention to detail, and some hustle and you can soon be earning extra money on a flexible schedule that fits in with your college hours. Good luck with your job search.