Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners

Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners

Transcription jobs are among the easiest jobs to find in remote work.

All you need is a laptop and the ability to type.

A large number of online transcription jobs for beginners require absolutely no previous experience too!

If you can understand English and type at a decent pace – there are plenty of online transcription jobs to choose from. Take a look!

Transcription Companies With Remote Work For Beginners

Before you apply to transcription companies make sure that you’ve got a decent laptop (it doesn’t need to be high-end – a budget computer is enough), and you’ve read our guides on how to get remote work without any previous experience and how to answer remote work interview questions then apply for a transcription job at one of these companies!


This company pays pretty well (in excess of $15 per audio hour) and you work with short audio files that are only 2-4 minutes long.

They have as much work as you can handle and if you’re good, there’s room for advancement to their medical or VIP teams.

Check it out here.


If you struggle with English because it’s not your first language, then you might try Quicktate which has foreign language transcription jobs in addition to the English ones.

You must not have any convictions of any kind to get a job with this company.

Check it out here.


They don’t always have jobs but when they do? Tigerfish is worth applying to.

They work for brands like Newsweek and the Gap and they present a polished finished product. Don’t expect it to be easy, do expect it to be satisfying.

Check it out here.


This company offers cheap AI transcription and you have to be better than that AI if you want to get the work that they have for humans.

Just let them know you’re available and wait for them to contact you with opportunities.

Check it out here.

Transcription Outsourcing LLC

These guys are one of the big players in transcription and they offer a great career progression framework if you’re serious about this job.

They can pay as much as $5 an audio minute for some of their work and typically pay around $1, which is pretty good.

Check it out here.

3Play Media

You can work as a transcriptionist in either English or Spanish for this company and they expect you to learn their unique software system to deliver their services to clients.

We like that they pay you weekly and you can choose your hours and the sorts of projects that you work on.

Check it out here.

Pioneer Transcription Services

The test for a job at Pioneer is demanding but there’s no shortage of work if you’re hired.

They’re always looking for talent too – so make sure to send them your resume.

Check it out here.

Go Transcript

This is a very flexible company to work for and you get a lot of control over the hours you work and the projects that you take on.

They’ve been doing this for more than 10 years now and they have some great projects to work on. You get paid based on the quality of your output.

Check it out here.

Daily Transcription

You don’t need transcription experience to work for these guys they have plenty of transcribing jobs for you to work on.

You can make nearly $1,000 a week if your work is good too. It’s one of the best online transcription jobs that we’ve come across for a beginner transcriptionist and they will be fine working with you as you build up your transcription speed to compete with the best.

Check it out here.

Averbach Transcription

You work as an independent contractor for this firm online some other transcription companies, that offer online transcription jobs, which are employed positions.

You can easily make $20-$30/hour as long as you understand heavily accented voices.

Check it out here.


Rev supplies transcription work to nearly 200,000 clients around the globe.

If you can pass their quiz and provide a quick sample transcription, you’re ready to start work with them.

Check it out here.


This is a cool job where you create subtitles and video captions for the hard of hearing.

You need to be able to proofread your own work and you must sign up via Work Market to work with them.

They can pay daily too (they pay by the minute of work done).

Check it out here.


One quick note on this company they do not hire any residents of California.

If you’re still here – you do need to be a resident of North America to work for them.

They require a year of experience in general transcription but they offer a full career path, not just a freelance transcriptionist role.

Check it out here.


This company is always hiring, and they only hire on their website.

Pass the skills test and they’d be happy to take you on to transcribe in English, French, or Spanish.

Check it out here.

GMR Transcription

If you’re a career-minded kind of person then this is a great company to work for.

They will develop you from beginner transcriptionists to experienced transcriptionists who can specialize as medical transcriptionists or legal transcriptionists.

You can make up to $3,000 a month if you can follow the transcription process and have a solid typing speed.

Check it out here.


This online transcription company is a legal transcriptionist specialist. They will train new transcriptionists with some previous transcription industry experience.

Check it out here.


This company is an oddity in the transcription world. They hire you to summarize rather than regurgitate what you’re heard.

That means they focus less on how fast you type and more on your overall understanding of the material.

Check it out here.

Cambridge Transcriptions

This is an academic transcription and general transcription services company that use proprietary transcription software to create top-notch work for their corporate clients.

Their hiring process is very formal and requires a cover letter, resume and some sample transcripts.

Check it out here.

Final Thoughts On Remote Transcription Jobs

Finding a transcription job isn’t that hard and if you have the vocabulary for legal transcription or medical transcription so much the better!

Almost every transcription company will expect you to take a transcription test and if you’re hired, you’ll need to learn to use specialist transcription software to do the job. But if you’re good? Then you will never run out of transcription services that want to pay you to turn an audio file into a text copy.

An online transcription job can be a great stepping stone to a long-term career in transcription work or for a transcription company!

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