Remote: Office No Required

The Industrial Revolution saw the first major shake up in work in history. No longer did the worker head to the fields but instead to the office or the factory.

Now, we’re undergoing a new revolution, where the work goes to the worker and Remote: No Office Required is Jason Fried’s explanation as to why. 

Why We Love Remote

This is Fried’s business and social case for remote working. 

If you’re unsure as to how to approach your boss for permission to work from home, this is a great place to start planning the conversation.

Remote: Office Not Required

In these pages, you’ll learn not just why everyone that can work remotely should do so but also how this can be made to bring real benefits to employers.

The expansion of the talent pool, the boost to employee loyalty, reduced office costs, etc. are nothing to be sneezed at. 

Final Thoughts On Remote

Remote is an excellent read that lays out the basics of home working and why the “under one roof” model of business that has existed since the Industrial Revolution is over.

If you’re curious about getting out of the office or if you’re determined to do so, this is a book that will help you convince yourself or your boss that it’s the right thing to do. 

You can grab a copy online here.

Looking for some other great reads for home workers? Check out Work-From-Home Hacks, Working From Home and Surviving Remote Work, they’re all awesome resources for remote workers. 

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