Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding from Anywhere

If you want to succeed when you work remotely, you’re going to need the trust of your boss, your colleagues and potentially, your customers too. 

Remote Work Revolution is a blueprint for building and maintaining that trust, so that you can succeed in the digital environment. 

Why We Love Remote Work Revolution

Tsedal Neeley, the author, is a Harvard Business School professor and a leading authority in virtual working around the world. 

Remote Work Revolution

Most of the time, she coaches remote workers and leaders to the highest levels of performance in industry. 

In Remote Work Revolution she shares that knowledge with you and every problem she tackles, she provides solutions based on real-world evidence.

Her advice is ideal for those trying to break free of old habits and seeking to benefit themselves, their teams, and their employers using remote work. 

Final Thoughts On Remote Work Revolution

Remote Work Revolution is not a dry academic exercise but rather a pragmatic and practical guide to getting the job done well.

It’s essential reading, no matter what stage of your remote work journey you’re on. 

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You can grab a copy online here.