Secret Remote Jobs For Amazon, According To Insiders

Secret Remote Jobs For Amazon

Have you ever wondered about working for Amazon?

Think you’d like to do so from home? Well, you can.

You just need to know how to access all the secret remote jobs they have to offer.

And we’re here to help with an excellent guide, of course, check it out.

Can You Work For Amazon Remotely?

Yes! In fact, most people at Amazon are working remote jobs due to the pandemic.

The only people who aren’t doing work from home jobs are those in the warehouse and delivery driver work because these are “essential workers” (and their jobs can’t be done as a remote job, either, they require actual contact with the merchandise).

Amazon Is An Equal Opportunity Employer

One thing you should be aware of is that Amazon is a diverse and inclusive workplace and no matter what your ethnicity, sexuality or other legally protected status there’s probably a remote position with the company for you.

Their work-from-home positions are available to everyone.

What Kind Of Money Do Online Jobs At Amazon Pay?

This is a great question but it’s kind of akin to “how long is a piece of string”.

Their remote employees get a minimum of $15 an hour because all jobs, whether work from home jobs or not, at Amazon pay this as a minimum.

And yes, that includes virtual workers as well as temp workers, season workers, etc.

However, a more interesting number should be the average salary of work from home jobs at Amazon and that is an incredible $100,000+

An IT support technician clears around $80,000 and one of the best Amazon jobs, Principal Product Manager, pays over $155,000!

Do You Get Benefits Working Remote Jobs For Amazon?

It’s important to note that human resources at Amazon only grant benefits to those that work from home if they find jobs that are directly employed by the company and take up more than 20 hours a week.

So, if you do ten hours of software development for Amazon via an agency – you don’t get Amazon benefits.

If you do, though, you can get a 401K (which is generous), medical benefits, overtime and holiday pay, Amazon discounts, and a free medical advice line (which can dramatically cut emergency care costs).

You also get life insurance and two forms of disability insurance. AND they can provide financial counseling support as well as several in house programs designed to progress your career.

You Can Join The Amazon Career Choice Program

If you stay for a year in any Amazon jobs then you can join the Amazon Career Choice Program.

This program will cover up to 95% of the costs of any certificate or associate degree program you want to study.

The only caveat is you must study something that leads to an in-demand and high-paying career and we doubt anyone wants to opt-out of that.

What Sorts Of Job Will Amazon’s Global Business Services Let You Do From Home?

Pretty much any job that you can imagine. The biggest remote opportunities are in customer care and account management and they are open to pretty much anyone, no degree required.

The average pay is around $15.43 an hour for these roles. You will need your own internet (you will need to learn how to fix your internet connection when you really need to work if it drops out) and phone connections to take up this kind of work.

We’d also recommend getting one of thes laptops under $1,000 for remote work and a quality work headset too.

You don’t set your own schedule though, it will be provided to you.

You can also work for any other department in this fast-paced environment. Such as taking jobs in sales, advertising, programming, program and project management, HR, operations, leadership, data science and design, security engineering, support engineering, etc.

They also have part-time jobs that can be done remotely.

They Have Special Opportunities For Veterans And Military Spouses

Amazon offers specific remote opportunities for military veterans, military spouses, and the children of the military too.

The majority of these jobs do not require a degree to undertake and they are often super flexible. Amazon recognizes the need for service people’s families to be able to move their jobs when their service member is stationed elsewhere.

How Do You Apply For These Jobs?

It’s super easy to find remote positions at Amazon. Just visit the Amazon jobs page for virtual work and then filter the results down to get to the kind of work that you are interested in.

Then, go through the application process and remember to be as honest and factual as you can, this will make it much easier to accept a job if you are offered one.

You Could Even Join The Amazon Influencer Program

You might not know about it but Amazon also has an influencer program and you can easily work from home doing this work.

You get your own private Amazon store to sell your favorite products in and they pay commissions directly to you for sales!

You will need a social media following to get hired – check out the Amazon influencer program for more details.