Surviving Remote Work: How To Thrive As A Leader And Entrepreneur In The Remote Age

A lot of remote working books examine life from the perspective of a home-working employee, but what about if you’re the boss?

Well, Sharon Koifman’s got you covered with Surviving Remote Work, it’s a very sensible guide to leading and managing without an office. 

Why We Love Surviving Remote Work

Sharon’s kept things short and sweet here and we love her for it, this isn’t the sort of book that takes a month to get through and needs copious note taking.

Surviving Remote Work

Instead, it’s full of simple, practical strategies to get moving fast. You’ll learn how to create and maintain a company culture remotely.

How to onboard people with the minimum of problems and how to ensure everyone stays focused on the tasks ahead. 

We also really liked the attention paid to keeping your data secure when operating in an open online environment. 


If you want your remote business to be excellent rather than mediocre you need Sharon’s advice and Surviving Remote Work is a great read for anyone involved in remote work, not just leaders and entrepreneurs. 

You can grab a copy online here.

We’ve got some tips of our own for surviving remote work. Check out how to call in sick when you work remotely, how to avoid burnout and what is a work/life balance?

Morgan Graff
Morgan Graff
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