The New Corner Office: How the Most Successful People Work from Home

Working from home is never the same as working in an office. 

Many people don’t have a home office, others have kids and pets running around, still others have constant interruptions from the neighbors. 

Successful remote workers manage these things and they do it well. 

Why We Love The New Corner Office

Laura Vanderkam doesn’t just rely on her 18 years of experience to answer all of our potential problems as a home worker, she’s also interviewed a host of managers, employees and freelancers to get their insight.

The New Corner Office

What that means is that she’s writing from the perspective of someone who knows that working in the same spot as you watch Netflix can be a huge challenge, but it’s one that you can negotiate successfully.

The New Corner Office is all about developing new habits that match your new working environment and which are tailored to your success. 

Final Thoughts On The New Corner Office

If you want to be able to turn being “cooped up at home” into a career to be proud of, then Laura’s the perfect guide for you.

We really enjoyed this book and even though we’ve been working from home for a long time now, we learned a couple of new tricks too. 

If you’re looking for other books on remote working may we recommend, Remote Work Revolution, Working Remotely and the HBR Guide to Remote Work too? We found them to be super helpful. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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Morgan Graff
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