We Work Remotely Is A Jobs Board With A Difference

We Work Remotely

So, you’ve decided, you want a remote job and you’re ready to embrace the challenges and the upsides of working from wherever you choose.

There’s only one snag, you don’t have a remote job, yet, and your boss isn’t too amenable to you switching to remote work from your office job.

That’s where We Work Remotely comes in.

It’s a jobs board with a difference, it only allows people to advertise jobs where you can work remotely.

If you have to work from the office? It can’t be advertised there.

About We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely has long been popular with the digital nomad community, since its launch in 2013, in fact.

However, you don’t need to want to work from Thailand or Bali to make the platform work for you – you just have to want a remote job.

The upside is that they are an ethical jobs board, which means that they only accept positions directly from employers and don’t use those annoying scrape tools which fill many job boards over and over with the same (often terrible) position. 

That means it’s much easier to get to the jobs you want too when you start looking. 

Why We Love We Work Remotely

The first thing you should know about We Work Remotely is that it is completely free to use for job seekers. That’s how it should be. Companies that charge users to help them find work? Are taking two bites of the cherry.

That’s because employers pay We Work Remotely, job boards and agencies to find their staff, there’s no need to charge you – there’s plenty of money out there already. 

Then there’s the fact that We We Work Remotely offers a lot of different categories of job (this has its downsides at times – your dream job might be in customer services but if it gets misfiled under admin? Then you’ll never find it if you’re too strict with your search terms) over 50 of them.

They also tend to see about 100 new opportunities posted each week, that’s pretty good when you consider they only take 100% remote work. 

Some Minor Downisdes Of Using We Work Remotely

Having said that, we’re not going to pretend that this is the perfect jobs site. In fact, it’s not always user-friendly at all.

They have a featured jobs section which requires a completely different style of post to their other posts which can make it hard to follow and work out what the job actually wants.

They also arrange things in an odd manner and sometimes it can be worse than finding a needle in a haystack to try and pick out the most recently posted jobs. 

However, though it might, perhaps, benefit with a UI overhaul and a bit of UX love – there’s no doubt that for a free service, We Work Remotely is among the best of the best. 

Final Thoughts On We Work Remotely

You can’t beat free and for the money, there’s no better remote job board than We Work Remotely. 

We know quite a few people who’ve found work using it, so we know the opportunities that it offfers are real and attainable. 

Once you’ve found that dream job, you might appreciate these awesome places to work remotely in the US, learning how it might affect your taxes and going over these remote interview questions to help you land it!

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