What Are Some Easy Work From Home Jobs?

 Easy Work From Home Job

Not everyone in search of work-from-home jobs is looking for a long-term career.

Many just want some easy online jobs so that they can quickly get paid and then pay their bills.

And the good news is that while you do need to work to make money, there are plenty of work-from-home job opportunities that will see you get paid without having to learn a complex new skill set like becoming a social media manager or an affiliate marketing professional.

So, here’s our list of online job opportunities that pretty much anyone can handle.

Our Top Easiest Online Work Opportunities (That Aren’t Becoming A Social Media Star)

Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are not, usually, well-rewarded but they are super easy and require next to no experience whatsoever to get started.

They may involve anything from becoming a survey taker to clicking links.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (linked below) is the most popular service to offer micro jobs but there are many others out there.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a travel agent or a graphic designer in real life, anyone can earn extra money from home with micro jobs.

Check it out here.

Data Entry

It’s not the most exciting of jobs but you can earn money doing data entry and this flexible job will often provide all the hours a week that you can spare and turn those hours into money.

It’s not got the best hourly rate but you can get started with companies like Axion (linked below) very easily and you can earn a full-time income with data entry as a stay-at-home job.

Check it out here.

Search Evaluator

Every search engine needs to know that they’re doing the job that their customers expect of them.

To ensure the quality of their results these companies hire evaluators to carry out searches and then review the results that they provide. Yes, even Google.

Check it out here.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (VAs) do need some experience to get work (see our favorite VA training courses) but as we said in our piece on jobs for college students working towards a bachelor’s degree with no experience – it’s not hard to get a job as a VA.

All you do is handle tasks for a business or an individual in the way they ask you to. It’s a good job for someone with disabilities too.

Check it out here.

Online Juror

Obviously, they don’t conduct trials online but they do carry out mock trials where you can work at home and take part as though you were on a regular jury!

The work is not that regular – so, while we’ve linked E-jury to get you started, you might want to hunt around for a few more companies that do this is the work appeals to you.

The pay is OK though – from $10-$60 per “trial” and it’s quite a lot of fun.

Check it out here.

Website And Application Testing

Companies that produce online products and services are happy to offer paid positions where you test their website and applications for them.

This is very easy to be done working from home and even massive business names like Amazon (linked blow) do this kind of testing.

They hourly rate won’t blow you away but the earnings are better than many other jobs on this list and a senior tester could earn as much as someone in graphic design or real estate.

Check it out here.


If you have writing skills, you could get a decent rate per hour by working for a proofreading business.

These companies read through other people’s work and then offer feedback or fixes to ensure the grammatical accuracy of their written work.

Check it out here.


Tutoring is easier than being a customer service representative when you work online and it pays more than customer service reps get too.

Tutor.com (linked below) is a great place to find freelance work as a tutor.

Check it out here.

Selling Stuff Online

You can easily sell anything online using companies like eBay or Shopify to set up an online store.

One thing we did at college was to buy and sell old text books and Book Scouter (linked below) makes it incredibly easy to carry out this kind of work now.

If you want to be making money in between a busy college lesson schedule – you should go for it.

Check it out here.


Many companies also need remote customer care agents and Liveops helps to supply those needs.

If accepted you choose the time and days you want to work and they do the rest.

Check it out here.