Why Do Home Office Chairs Cause Back Pain?

Did you know that over 65 million American adults suffer from back pain and that 16 million of those suffer from back pain daily?

Back pain is not just painful, it can limit your ability to lead a productive and happy life and what’s one of the biggest causes of back pain? 

The home office chair (or the office chair for those working in an office). 

This is what you need to know about why home office chairs cause back pain. 

The Two Main Reasons Home Office Chairs Cause Back Pain

The Two Main Reasons Home Office Chairs Cause Back Pain

There are two major reasons that you’re getting back pain from an office chair:

  1. Your office chair is not set up properly. A badly adjusted chair can leave you in the wrong position to work from, literally. Not only can this cause back pain but it may lead to other types of industrial injury such as RSI. 
  2. You’re slouching in your chair rather than sitting properly. You need to adopt the right posture to protect your back when you sit down. Now, there’s some good news regarding this – the current evidence suggests that if you’re comfortable in your chair, you’re probably in the right position for your back. 

There is, potentially, a third reason for a home office chair causing back pain – if your chair doesn’t move easily across the floor, then you may strain your back trying to force it to move. 

The Two Best Ways To Prevent Your Home Office Chair From Causing Back Pain

Get regular exercise

This is good news because it means there are two sets of simple fixes for your back pain:

  1. Adjust your chair properly. We’ve got a full guide to adjusting your office chair, though we note that if you can’t adjust your chair to get comfortable – you may need to buy one, instead (if so, see our list of awesome sustainable office chairs for ideas). Adjusting a chair is easy and it won’t cost you any money at all. 
  2. Get regular exercise. No, we’re not going to lecture you about sitting properly, once you adjust a chair, that should come naturally. Instead, we’re going to point out that taking regular exercise is the best way to avoid back pain (and it’s one of our top wellness tips for remote workers and we’ve even got some exercises for remote workers you can try too). By taking time out of your day to give your muscles a thorough workout, you can ensure they are hardened against injury and damage done by a chair. It will also help you to live longer. Up to 7 years longer, in fact!

And if the wheels are the problem? If your home office chair has wheels that won’t turn, you need to know how to clean the wheels on your home office chair and get them moving again. 

Final Thoughts

Back pain is a horrible thing, it’s so intimate that it can affect your ability to lead a normal life in any sphere of endeavor. 

It’s better to prevent back pain rather than to treat it and one of the best things anyone can do is ensure that their home office chair is properly supporting them or replace the chair with one that does. 

We strongly encourage all home workers to make a substantial investment in their chair and choose a truly ergonomic and adjustable model, in the long-term your whole body will be glad that you did. 

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