Work at Home Jobs That Provide Equipment

Work at Home Jobs That Provide Equipment

Work-from-home jobs are awesome but how do you get all the home office equipment that you need to do work-from-home jobs without a budget for it.

Well, there are some home jobs that provide equipment and/or a home office budget to arrange your home office setup when you start a remote job with them.

Companies That Provide Computer Equipment And More To Their Recruits

Some folks can’t afford a cheap laptop to work from home or worry about whether their chairs should have wheels or what kind of headset to buy without a bit of assistance.

And that’s where these companies come in they will provide equipment so that you can do their work-from-home jobs to a high level without spending any of your own money.


This digital consultancy works by providing engineering support and services to a wide range of customers.

They recruit plenty of remote workers from quality assurance specialists to designers and systems engineers.

They make it very clear when advertising positions that you get a professional development budget to buy all the equipment you need to do a great job.

Check it out here.

Amazon Customer Service Agents

If you provide excellent customer service then Amazon would be interested in hiring you for their customer service jobs and though they don’t spell it out during their recruitment phase Amazon always provides a laptop, a headset, and an Ethernet adaptor to its staff.

Check it out here.

Amazon Corporate

Amazon corporate also hires people for remote jobs and they provide all the necessary equipment to carry out any of their remote job openings successfully.

This is as true for sales managers as it is for those working in technical support – the equipment provided ensures that you work without worry.

Check it out here.

American Express Customer Service Representatives

There’s no equipment provided to AMEX employees, you must have the necessary equipment to do the job but they will pay for your Internet service while you work remotely for them.

Check it out here.

Back Office Betties

This fully remote company hires remote employees to do legal intake work and occasionally as managers too.

They will pay for your internet costs and your computer, monitor, and your headset. In addition to the equipment provided, they also give you $100 a year to spend on training and development.

Check it out here.


ConvertKit is a company that we’ve worked with here at Modern Worker and they are specialists in e-mail marketing.

There’s no equipment provided when you join this company but they do give you $3,200 to buy everything you need. Then every two years after, they give you another $2,500 to refresh the items you need to refresh.

Check it out here.

This Nevada-based cloud storage business operates on a hybrid-remote basis and if you’re hired by them – you get a MacBook Pro and a learning budget!

Check it out here.


This company specializes in documentation management and while they do hire customer service reps they’re more about their own customer service solutions and hire engineers, data specialists, etc.

You can work wherever you like, there’s no equipment provided but they do give you a stipend to pay for what you need and either cover high-speed internet connection costs or coworking!

Check it out here.


The equipment provided to HelpScout employees includes a work laptop and the funds to set up your home office properly.

You can work in sales, operations, finance, recruitment, and more if you want to work for this company remotely.

Check it out here.

LPL Financial

LPL Financial doesn’t use an equipment allowance instead the equipment provided to their employees includes a computer, monitor, and all the accessories you might need.

They’re a financial service specialist.

Check it out here.


This ad-management company hires plenty of remote employees from project managers to graphic designers.

You get a full home office setup reimbursed and they will also pay for yoga classes!


As you would expect from this world-class computer company, they provide an iMac to all workers based at home, they also offer paid training to learn to use any devices that you haven’t worked with in the past.

Check it out here.


This software development company is responsible for many of the web’s biggest names including WordPress, Tumblr, WooCommerce, and more.

And as you might expect, they’re very open to hiring workers that can work from anywhere.

They give you a cash sum to buy equipment with and a monthly coworking allowance (which can be spent on coffee in a coffee shop or on nice things for home if you don’t want to use a coworking space).

Check it out here.


This social media management company tends to hire software engineers and social media experts.

They will give you a laptop, $200 to buy any accessories you need, pay for your net connection, and cover the costs of coworking!

They also give you money for professional development and cover your health care and give your paid time off! In fact, thinking about it, we want to work there now.

Check it out here.


This is a consulting company that hires people to deal with medical insurance and healthcare in the main, though they do hire web developers, data engineers, marketing managers, and the like too.

Everyone gets a laptop, webcam, headset, and USB hub when they get hired. But you have to buy your own accessories and they don’t reimburse you for them.

Check it out here.


This is a completely remote working company and they specialize in recruitment online.

You get a cash allowance to buy all the tech you need, as well as furniture, cleaning services, snacks, and more!

Check it out here.


This company is all about software development and they hire for many roles from software engineer to customer service experience agent.

In addition to a competitive salary, they pay for a laptop of your choice, a cell phone, and your net connection and give you money each month to maintain a home office!

Check it out here.


Yes, the hotel chain hires remote people and they’re well worth including in your job search.

If you’re successful you will get a mini PC and an equipment pack to get the work done.

Check it out here.

Final Thoughts

As you might expect when you take a work-from-home job with a large and reputable company, they take care of home office expenses and essential equipment in most cases.

All of the employers on our list, at least, contribute something to make working from home a much more attractive proposition if you don’t already have a home office setup.

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