Work From Home Pharmacy Jobs

Work From Home Pharmacy Jobs

Some fields are more challenging than others to find work from home positions in, but in today’s world, you’d be surprised at how many fields can offer remote work.

Take pharmacist jobs! You’d think that a work-from-home pharmacist was a near impossibility but in fact, there are many pharmacy companies that offer home pharmacist jobs and we’ve got some of the best for you here.

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Atara Biotherapeutics

Atara works on clinical solutions to a range of medical conditions in the healthcare sector. They treat cancers, nephrotic disorders, and more.

They have a particular focus on the impact of growth factors on the progression of sicknesses.

They offer a wealth of remote positions on their website and whether you want full-time or part-time work, they may well have the right job for you.

As we go to press they’re seeking a director of medical writing and a director of preclinical immunotherapy research among many other great opportunities for pharmacists and remote healthcare workers.

If you don’t, yet, have any work experience – you might be better off looking at these work-from-home jobs that don’t need any experience for until you get your pharmacy qualifications.

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We’re big fans of the pharmacists at GoodRX who established an online platform to ensure that the fees we pay pharmacists are transparent and fair – they can help consumers knock up to 80% off of their healthcare costs each month!

As you might expect for an online company, they’re used to people working in remote places and they can easily cater to this style of work.

You can find their latest job listings on their website and there are full-time and part-time opportunities (though fewer of the latter than the former).

By the way, if you’re more experience in nursing than in pharmacy, try our guide to work-at-home jobs for nurses, instead.

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While you probably can’t carry out remote clinical research, a company like Parexel which specializes in biopharmaceutical research can still make use of your health sector skills.

They provide solutions to the medical devices sector, pharmaceutical companies, and the biotech sector.

And full-time remote workers can work on a huge range of projects with particular opportunities available in data analysis and consulting.

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Truepill is on the software side of things using API-based healthcare infrastructure products which are meant to dramatically improve patient experiences – and given that sick people could use better experiences this is a genuinely noble objective.

They also have a subsidiary TruepillRX which is focused on fulfillment for pharmacists and healthcare businesses.

Pharmacists looking for a remote job will find they have a ton of opportunities at Truepill, you may find that if you have any information technology skills they will add a lot of weight to your chances of finding a job at this company.

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CVS Health

With over 9,000 pharmacy outlets of their own, 1,100 MinuteClinics, and an online pharmacy business, there’s no bigger name in direct-to-consumer pharmacy provision in the United States than CVS Health.

Not every job they have is suitable for work-from-home but many of their opportunities don’t require you to be tied to a physical location.

Many of their remote opportunities are in clinical pharmacy work and a position at CVS can be managed on an ultra-flexible basis for the right candidate.

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Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Jazz is one of the new names in the industry and they were established back in 2003.

They take inspiration from jazz music noting that when you bring together many musicians, you get better music than when you only have one great talent by themselves.

They seek to develop drugs and medicines to meet “needs that are currently unmet in the market”. This means you could be working on cutting-edge projects with Jazz Pharmaceuticals if you can land a remote job with them.

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Planet Pharma

A job at Pharma Planet means working alongside some of the most experienced and innovative members of the pharmaceutical industry.

They also have biotech and medical technology divisions if you’re looking to spread your wings in your new job and venture out into new areas of interest.

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UnitedHealth Group

The UnitedHealth Group is made up of two separate business entities.

Firstly, United Healthcare, which works in the provision of insurance and medical benefits.

And then, Optum, which is a tech company that seeks to provide services that enable an information-driven healthcare service.

Both sides of the business offer remote work and you can easily find a position at UnitedHealth with solid pharmaceutical experience under your belt.

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So, there you have it, there are plenty of remote pharmacist jobs out there if you just know where to look and these aren’t low-end jobs with non-brand pharmacy businesses, they’re with some of the largest pharmacy brands in the world.

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