10 Working From Home Fails Score Big Laughs

Working from home is awesome, until it all goes wrong. And if you’re having a bad day, today, don’t worry, you’re (probably) still ahead of these folks.

Video Conferencing Fail

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? We’re on a Zoom call and we’re closing in on the deal of the century and then our partner wanders in half-naked.

Then in their distress at realizing they’re on display to the world, they panic and run straight into a wall, right? Well, that’s what happened here.

Prevent this fail by warning your partner about what you’re doing, in advance. 

Artwork Fail

Yes, you’re on that important video call with the CEO and you just know you’re going to land that promotion.

That is until he looks over your shoulder to see a man inserting his hand into a cow, in a way that nobody should. 

Seriously, check the wall behind you and make sure that the art is appropriate, or move.

The Bathroom Fail

Yes, we know, it’s been a long meeting and you need to go. Just don’t go on camera because you’ll never live it down.

This is easy to avoid, just turn your camera off before you take a bathroom break.

If you want to ensure your Zoom calls go smoothly, you may also find that our tips on how to fix your internet connection when you really need to work are quite handy too.

The Epic Cat Fail

We love our pets, except when they pretend to be us and scare our colleagues. Then we wish we’d bought a goldfish, instead.

Just close the doors to the room you’re in to avoid a puss-induced pandemonium moment. 

The Bad Glass Fail

Everything that you once thought was witty and a harmless bit of fun? It could be on display to the world if you just let it.

You may, indeed, Love Intercourse, but does Simon in accounts really need to know it? 

Check the cup and keep your job.

The Potato Fail

Zoom is awesome. Know what’s not awesome? Transforming into a potato on your Zoom call.

If you want to play with the Zoom controls, do it on your own time, for your own sanity.

The You Made A Faulty Child Fail

We admire this lady’s calm as her little girl crashes her work from home hypnotherapy session and proceeds to make devil horns behind her head.

We also admire the little girl’s tenacity in this situation, which she’s going to need when mom makes her look for a new home when she gets off this call.

To avoid this, either use condoms or learn to lock doors. 

The Dad You’re Such A Dad Fail

That Zoom meeting in the kitchen is a brilliant idea, unless you fail to tell your dad about it and he opts to share his “dad bod” with your colleagues.

The best way to avoid this fail is to find your own place to live, you’ve got a job, you can do it.

The No Trousers Fail

Now, you can blame, at least in part, other people’s nudity in your Zoom calls on those people. But if you can’t be bothered to put some pants on for your calls?

At least, make sure that your legs are out of shot. Seriously.

The Took My Cat To Court Fail

This is, without doubt, our favorite work from home fail of the century so far. 

This lawyer magically transformed himself into a cat avatar on a call with the judge and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t remove it.

It’s not often that a work from home fail becomes contempt of court. 

Final Thoughts On Working From Home Fails

So, there we have it, a collection of fairly spectacular (but funny) work from home fails, we hope that they’ve cheered you up and that your day goes brightly from now on. 

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Morgan Graff
Morgan Graff
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